We Offer A Redundant Proxy For The Facebook Live API #DesignFiction

Use our API proxy for your mobile video applications instead of directly connecting to Facebook Live API. The proxy ensures your video is uploaded to Facebook Live, as well as up to 10 other locations, depending on how important syndication is to you. With the numerous claims against Facebook regarding censorship of videos we know we can't trust them, but with the network effect present we also can't ignore the benefits the platform offers for spreading the message.

We offer ten alternate locations for your video to be uploaded to in real-time, including Youtube, Vimeo, as well as more storage-oriented locations like Amazon S3 and Dropbox, allowing access beyond just video and social locations. We recommend hitting all the top video sharing platforms, as well as 3-5 standard storage locations, which will then allow for further syndication using Content Delivery Networks (CDN). 

Depending on the sensitive nature of the content, and the political influence that target(s) possess, we recommend syndicating as many possible locations as you can afford. If you are restricted to just using the Facebook application to make this happen, we recommend using our local area network proxy, which can act as a proxy for your entire network, and route a copy of all videos to the locations you need.

Do not rely on Facebook as the only source for storage and distribution. You need the network effect Facebook offers, but they cannot be trusted to be the sole gatekeepers of the video that is defining our times--they have made this clear.