Waze For Drones #DesignFiction

We are the Waze for drones. Instead of routing cars and trucks we provide routing options for the commercial drone industry. Drone routing adds another critical dimension to the process--elevation. What fixed objects are in the way, like buildings, bridges, and trees. What temporary objects are in the way like cranes, cables, and other drone traffic. There are an increasingly amount of objects in the way of the fast moving drone sector.

Real-time, near real-time, and historical drone routing data has proven to be a 10 trillion dollar industry. With over 30 billion commercial drones in operation, the need for routing solutions has reached critical levels. Real-time tracking systems have been in place for commercial drone operators for over three years now, adding to the amount of data we process, and share each day. Thanks to the use of drone technology new construction is mapped each day--adding to the fixed layer of our maps in real time. 

What you are looking for is our historical data solutions, which includes the rating for each zone on the map. Historical mode for the API is not meant to be used by drones during flights but is designed for use in a system to system integrations, primarily used by the insurance industry. The historical data includes all drone accidents back to 2018, which should provide what you are looking. Let us know if your current access levels to the historical drone data give you everything you need--if not we can bump you up a level or two.