We Specialize In Faux Internet of Things Hack Stories #DesignFiction

Our speciality is in crafting creative Internet of Things hack stories. Do you want your competitor to think their products are insecure? Do you want the free publicity that can come with a security breach? We are the creative team you are looking for. We have the experience to help you craft and execute exactly the perfect scenario and help you achieve your goals.

In today's online volatile cyber security landscape the stage is set, all you have to do is seize the moment. Our most popular package is the perceived external threat solution, where we take one of your products, stage a security incident and leak it to the online folks. There is no better way to light the fire under your team's ass then to make them think there is a security hole in the solutions they are developing.

The second most popular package is the competitor misinformation play. We will target one of your competitor's products, and plan just the right security incident for the situation. All we do is leak the information, and the current journalism and blogger landscape takes care of the rest. Cybersecurity fears even trump those of the environment and terrorism, making it the best way to get publicity for your company. Remember any news coverage is good news coverage, it just depends on how you roll with it.

Once we receive your down payment, one of our creative directors will reach out to you with a full list of packages, as well as non-disclosure information. The turnaround for a project is usually about 2-4 weeks, but we do have packages that will take longer. We look forward to being your IoT cyber security creative partner, and look forward to a long and healthy relationship.