If You Want Gov Ally On Self-Driving Car We Need You To Weaken Your Messaging App Google #DesignFiction

Yes, we are fully aware your desires to move forward with your self-driving car initiative, and if you want the US government as an ally in these efforts, we will need something from you in return. You know that messaging app you have been talking about releasing? The one that promised end-to-end encryption? Well, we are going to need you to back off that just a bit if you want our full support of the self-driving car.

As you have probably heard we are not that big of fans of end to end encryption when it comes to messaging applications, and to avoid any further messes in the public sphere, or in the court of law, we recommend you not move any further in this direction. We are happy to support your efforts when it comes to being the leader in the self-driving automobile space, but we are only willing to do this if we aren't battling you on the messaging front as well.

If you would like to go further with your new messaging applications, and maybe even give us a backdoor, or allow us to directly access messages via an API, I'm sure there are other deals in the pipeline we could also expedite. We appreciate you working with us on this, and I'm sure the future of the self-driving cars will be bright, with federal regulation being as minimal as possible.