Algorithmic Local Area Transporter Moving Obstacles Out Of Your Way #DesignFiction

Our mobile phones have taken common everyday transporter technology and put it in service of the public out on the street where it matters. Everyone is aware of the clueless mobile device user out on the street, stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking the restaurant door, and standing in the street while staring at their phone. 

Nothing is more frustrating than encounters with these clueless people, while you are just trying to get through your day. Now for a low monthly subscription, you can have these people transported out of your way in real time. Transporter phones have 90% market penetration, and by default users have opted in for suggestive transport--which we'll use to move them just four or five feet in either direction, making sure they aren't in your way.

Of course, this is only done when a user is completely focused on their mobile device, and not engaged with other people, or the real world. Users will be moved safely, and our research shows that 80% of them never even notice they have been moved, as they so tuned into their device. This type of algorithmic, local area transport has had the same effect on people as we've seen with vehicle traffic--keeping both the sidewalks and the road ways clear of the most dangerously clueless users.

The entry level subscription is only $200 / month, and you get 150 active transports during each 30 day period. We keep track of all transports that occurred and provide you with a dashboard so you can see the obstacles we've cleared for you on any given day. If you sign up now, we'll sign you up for a free 30 days of Workplace Transport (TM), helping people avoid obstacles at work--help you achieve a frictionless work experience everyday.