I Am Afraid You Failed Multiple Software Runtime Patent Infringement Checks #DesignFiction

I am sorry, but your codebase has been disabled, due to failing multiple software patents checks--we cannot allow your software to continue operating in any environment. Apparently, sometime during your development, QA, and bringing live to a production environment, someone on your team did not run the required regulatory checks. We are sorry this has affected over 3M of your customer systems, but the responsibility was yours to ensure your product was compliant before updating on so many systems.

It is no secret that in 2026, that the USPTO has required ALL software developers to install a runtime patent checks in all web, mobile, and device based software systems.It doesn't matter if your software solution is "open source", or you perceive that your software is unique and original. Some say that the additional overhead introduced into the software development lifecycle, as well as the additional checks needed in real time at runtime has ruined the Internet as we knew it, but all intellectual property must be defended for markets to work properly.

To begin unlocking your software you will have to have your lawyer prepare the proper paperwork, and mail it to the USPTO office for review. Once we review, a court date will be set where you can challenge the companies whose intellectual property you are being accused of infringing upon. If your company survives this process, maybe it will be a little more diligent about ensuring it is following the rules when developing any software in the future.