Time To Live (TTL) Validators Are Now Commonplace In All Digital Devices #DesignFiction

After 10 years of heavy enforcement, we now consider Time to Live (TTL) validators as the default across ALL devices connected to the Internet. We acknowledge that there are the 5% of system violators, as well as the unknown violations, but we are now confident that all data, content, and other media's TTL will be respected across all compliant consumer, business, and government systems.

The first thing a TTL compliant systems does when receiving a request or sending a response is to check for the encrypted TLS identifier. If the encrypted TLS, or eTLS as it is call is not present, unreadable, or out of date, the event is logged and all associated data, content, or media is immediately destroyed. 

For a five year period we would keep a copy of associated request and response bodies to make sure validation was 100% accurate, but for the last three years, all information in violation has immediately been destroyed. Through TLS enforcement, and augmenting all of the algorithms that govern our lives with TLS, we have been able to achieve an online experience that better reflects our physical world.