We Saved Everything Knowing That Some Day You Would Need It #DesignFiction

We fully understand that many people hold a belief that what happens online should be ephemeral, and go away after time passes. However, it is our belief that this is a very misguided view of our digital world, and ignores what is most important for you, your friends, family, as well as the collective history of humanity. 

In 2042 we all see history very differently than we did in the early days of the Internet. Thanks to systems that were put in place by the National Security Agency back in 2008, we now have every citizen's online, and in some cases offline activity going back to 2010.

These systems were classified for the last 30 years, but with recent shifts in public policy are now accessible to everyone via an easy to use API. All you have to do is sign up for an account, and you will automatically be given access to your profile. If you are seeking access to other individuals, business, institution or government agencies profile you can apply for access using our online form.

With the abolishment of a citizen's right to data privacy and ownership in 2038, it is now up to your state, and the jurisdiction your employer is incorporated in when it comes to determining who has access to your data. It is likely that your social welfare (housing, food, healthcare, and education) is being subsidized by access to your information, both current and historical, and you most likely are not entitled to any rights around your data.

It is fortunate that the NSA had this vision of the future back at the beginning of the century. We saved everything knowing that some day you would be needing it. Without it, it is likely that the social welfare framework you enjoy today would not be in place to take care of you.