All Claims About Your Technology Need To Be Entered Into The FTC Blockchain #DesignFiction

The final date has passed, and the federal law went into effect requiring all companies selling technological solutions, to register their claims with the Federal Technology Claims Directory (FTCD), which now operates 100% on the blockchain.

Gone are the days where you can make a wild claim as a startup or tech blogger. It is ironic that the one piece of technology which seemed to have some of the wildest claims being made regarding its transformative powers would be used to regulate claims made about the potential of technology.

In 2023, if you make a claim about your companies technology, on the company blog, you have to register the claim with FTCD. If you make the claim, and the agencies spider finds it, you will be automatically fined $25.00 USD for non-compliance.

The law also extends to what historically has been some of the worst offenders--tech bloggers. Even if you are just regurgitating what was said in the press release, you need register the claim with FTCD as well--or risk receiving the same fine for non-compliance.

Each tech company and tech industry blogger are also required by law now to include the blockchain claims report on their company profile page, and journalists credentials page. There are additional fees involved if you are actively operating as tech company or blogger, without the required FTCD profile page disclosures.

It would have made much more sense for this to not reach the level of federal government regulation, but with the wild claims being made by technologists, their blind belief in their own moose diarrhea, and their unwillingness to accept the consequences of their ridiculous promises--there was no other way.