All TRT API Providers Are Directed To Now Focus 100% Of Their Sales Efforts On The Enterprise #APIDesignFiction

Historically we have encouraged you to manage a very diverse, and carefully prescribed sales strategy, but this is a group wide shift in how will be selling ALL Time Release Technology (TRT) APIs. This is an end-times mandate, which means we are operating on a 10 year timeframe, scheduled for a 100% release across ALL implementations.

Our mission has historically been about injecting, and installing TRT APIs into targeted small businesses, enterprise organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies, being very strategic in our targeting of key players within specific industries. All releases have been done over time, releasing on an agreed upon date, making it look like a security breach, hardware or network failure. Now it is different, as we all learned in our training, a 100% release across all implementations means we are now in the last mile of our mission.

10 years from today, all APIs that have been installed, will release their embedded bot payload, delivering a kill blow for the local area network it operates on. Our data shows, that we have reached peak integrations as of today, and any further startup, small business, education, and government implementations installations will be useless. You are now ordered to focus 100% of your sales efforts on the enterprise -- all who refuse, will be defunded.

In April 2026, all installed APIs will be activated, and released. We are in the home stretch, and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for all of our hard work. Every other aspect of our society has been sufficiently weakened, and the last center of power now lies within the enterprise. The hook has been set, and the enterprise are actively seeking API contracts--all obstacles should be removed.

It is all hands on deck. 100% of your time should be spent selling to the enterprise, increasing the number of integrations that you are responsible for. Remember, the more installations you achieve, the greater chances the entire system will be brought down. Our time is now.