Our Network Devices Are Competitor Aware and Can Deploy Over 500 Bot Types Offensively #APIDesignFiction

When our devices are installed to any network, they immediately get to work understanding the environment they are operating in. One important aspect of this is identifying all other networked devices, and identify all competitors. All of our devices are deployed with full competitor aware status, equipped to remotely assess the best strategy to achieve maximum efficiency within often very hostile environments. 

Not all device responses are immediate, as they could spend weeks understanding network activity, developing an awareness of the surface area for each competitor device present. Each device is designed to leverage local compute, storage, and bandwidth resources, to deploy up to 680 separate bot responses (only limited in scale by local resources available). Depending on the device configuration, and licensing tier, bot responses are usually 40% defensive, and 60% offensive in our experience.

In addition to standard offensive, and defensive bot strategies, each device is also equipped with a low level EMP solution, which can strategically, or completely knock out any other device on the network for up to 60 seconds, during which all of our patent protected devices can operate freely, with all obstacles out of the way. EMPs are designed to resemble common network, and device problems, leaving no log file residue of the events -- something each device will assess fully.

When devices become available for cloud updates, either real-time, or manually by walking or driving a vehicle by, each device will receive the latest bot updates, as well as report back any strategy, and network intelligence gathered. In aggregate, we possess over 1.8 million assessments from almost 200 separate business sectors, providing a shared intelligence for any device that you deploy. 

Get started today with our competitor aware, and bot equipped network devices, to help you get the advantage you are looking for, in any environment.