The World First Internet Connected, Remote Triggered, Farting Device

The Internet has just reached new heights with the release of the worlds first Internet connected, remote farting device. The new Swift, Silent, and Deadly (SSD) platform provides you with one (or many) remote devices, WIFI communication, cloud platform connectivity, and mobile applications for IoS, Android, and Windows smart phones. 

SSD devices look like your common, retail scented plugin device, so will often go overlooked in your normal household or workplace. They plug in to any electrical outlet, and have the ability to connect to the local wifi. Next year, we will be releasing a 4G wireless version that can be place anywhere, but for now you will need a wifi connection for all your devices.

The SSD manager application then installs on your IPhone, allowing you to register your SSD device (up to 10 per application), and manage its activity. Each SSD comes equipped with an audio library of up to 65 laboratory engineer fart sounds, and up to 150 individual "scent blasts (tm)". Currently we only offer a single scent, but our team is working to develop a wide variety of smells, that match each of our 65 audio representations.

Our basic SSD devices only have audio, and smell, where our premium edition has a WIFI enabled camera, which captures all activity, allowing you to precisely time your farts to match when a certain person walks by, is in the room, or possibly a pet is nearby. This also allows you to make the experience much more social, by publishing and sharing your SSD experiences with family and friends.

Following in the footsteps of timeless laughter tooling like the whoopee cushion, the Swift, Silent, and Deadly (SSD) device and mobile platform is sure to bring hours of fun to the home, your workplace, or even public spaces.