A Company Employee Directory And Hiring API In Response To White House Pay Disclosure Mandate #APIDesignFiction

We are not awaiting for the latest equal pay act mandate out of the Obama White House to be enforced. We have long shared details on our employees, including what they are paid publicly via our corporate employee directory API. Our corporate directory API feeds the our web and mobile website with relevant public details about employees, but if you request API access, and are approved, you will now also get access to pay details for all of our employees. 

If you work for city, county, state, or federal government, as well as a verifiable news outlet, non-profit organization, or institution, you can request access to this data. Really, we are open to anyone accessing, as long as we can verify who you are, your intentions around your research, and that you will respect the privacy and security of our employees. We strongly feel that this information should be public knowledge, yet we have to ensure the personal safety and privacy of our staff, something we know you will understand, and respect. 

We feel a corporate employee directory API should be default for ALL companies--it just makes sense. Our directory API provides details on each employee, their role, and their position within our company. You can also retrieve historical data for each employee and role, seeing what positions our employees have worked in before, as well as who has filled specific roles, even if they have since left the company. This information has proven extremely valuable in understanding our own operations, as well as feeding independent studies, all the way to Department of Labor research and reports.

It was easy for us to turn on this pay data, because our company is API first. We do not have to wait for the government regulation to kick in. Also beginning in Q2, you will be able to also access all new job postings via our corporate API, pulling any openings we currently have, something that allows us to easily syndicate across thousands of job sites. Taking the Obama equal pay act even further, we will be sharing all applicant details for new positions that we are hiring for, being more transparent around how we hire at our company.

As with our employee directory, we respect the privacy of our applicants, and restrict access to personally identifiable information, but share relevant details regarding their resume, work history, race, gender, and other important details. We feel this type of transparency will go a long way to help research groups, institutions, and government agencies better understand our hiring decisions, as well as help us understand our own bias, from an external perspective.

If you'd like more information on our employee directory, pay, and hiring APIs, you can visit our developer area, where you will find more information, resources, and of course where you can register for an API key. You will immediately gain access to publicly available data, and once we've verify who you are, and what your intentions are, then we can open up your access to more information that will support your work. 

We are hoping our model for employee transparency raises the bar when it comes to fair pay, diversity, and other issues we face in todays business climate, sheeding a light on diversity, and equal pay issues across all industries.