Report On The Latest Upgrade To TKS-BMA-1.2 #APIDesignFiction

The latest upgrade to TKS-BMA, which was for the 1.2 release, was a complete success. There were two parts to the version release, but the primary objective was all about political party affiliation amplification and prioritization, with the secondary being focused upon Facebook and Twitter sentiment analysis--we need to make sure they were republican, democrat, independent, or libertarian.

You see, navigating the health insurance landscape is difficult enough, but when you introduce complications along the way, it becomes exponentially more difficult. The TkS-BMA-1.2 is all about maximizing in this realm of opportunity, to achieve the long term outcome we are seeking.

For the most recent upgrade, here is where we are focusing:

  1. Call System Extension - The call system is already expansive, complex, and a symphony of problem--how do we expand on this, and maximize the opportunities when we have a caller on the line?
  2. Payment Disruption - Are we maximizing the opportunities of lost, missed, and disrupted payments? When it comes to payments, there are unlimited possibilities for failed, lost, and misguided payments at the micro, monthly, and random levels.
  3. General Errors - Mobile and web-based errors are not a problem, they are an opportunity. There is no limit to the number of, and the barrage of errors that users experience--make the most of this.
  4. Info / Alert Overload - The number of emails, SMS, and social notifications we receive on a daily basis is already exploited by default. Like errors, this is an opportunity, not a problem, and should be exploited at every turn.
  5. Microservice Exploitation - As the platform evolves and expands its own base, there lies an opportunity for efficiency, as well as disruption. There is a movement going on to decouple infrastructure, and while this is a window for better delivery of services, it is also a window of opportunity to better impact the overall quality of service for specific individuals.

If you are receving this message, you've been briefed. This is not your usual system upgrade, yet the upgrade to ensure the system you expect for our targeted customer base. This is not about the deliver of our services as promised, but to deliver the quality of service expected in the shadow of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka ObamaCare.

The objective of this release is about the long term, establishment of our company within the industry, and disrupting Obamacare. it is about instilling the hatred of the mandate imposed upon the American people. It is about changing the belief that universal healthcare will save us, and return us back to the formal glory of the US healthcare system, guded by the caring hand of the insurance industry.

This update is not about disrupting the system, it is about exposing the flaws of government regulation, and the lack of belief in the markets to take care of the people. This is the about striking the algorithmic blaance necessary to bring harmony to our healthcare system in the United States, and beyond.