API Evangelist Was Acquired By Lucifer Enterprises Incorporated For $1M+Soul #APIDesignFiction

Los Angeles, CA: One of the leading API focused analyst and blogging networks, API Evangelist was acquired by the #1 enterprise software development company today for a total of $1M cash, and a 2.5 lease on soul of the founder Kin Lane (@kinlane). Unfortunately, as the founder Kin Lane was leaving the enterprise in 2010, he made a deal with Lucifer Enterprises Inc. that he could make a difference in the world—only partially delivering on this promise, an acquisition was inevitable.

From the outside perspective, and untrained eye, nothing will change on API Evangelist. However in reality, nothing that is said, will be as it seems. Up will be down, left will be right, REST will be SOAP, and XML will be JSON. Honestly, you should never have believed what you have read anywhere not he Internet, but you can be guaranteed it will all be complete bullshit from here on out, on API Evangelist.

The acquisition of API Evangelist is a reminder that everything is for sale. Nothing is sacred, and the only constant is that things will change. A five year run, is much longer than could have been be expected, and we should be thankful for any little bit of value we got out of API Evangelist. It was just a matter of time before the enterprise space set its sights on API Evangelist, let alone the founder would sell out so high up the food chain—straight to the devil himself.