We Are The Uber For The Internet of Things #APIDesignFiction

IoTNow is what it sounds. We are the Uber for the Internet of Things. You select the location, the device type, the duration, and one of network of thousands of technicians come out, install the device, and maintain it, for the duration of the installation.

We now have almost 150 different device types that can be deployed, with new types, and combinations added weekly. A specific device type could be a drone flying over the location with a camera for 20 minutes, all the way to a dedicated surveillance camera for weeks at time. We might be counting cars, people, or cows, or maybe monitoring the air quality for you--the sky is the limit.

The IotNow App, and the IoTNow technicians do all the work, assisting you in achieving your objectives. Each device you deploy comes with a unique identifier, and you will be able to access all data gathered via our web API, as soon as the device is turned on. You receive push notifications for all major events, from turning it on, to taking it down, directing you to our secure API for all relevant detail.

Our pricing varies based upon device type, and location. If you want a webcam on the top of Mt. Everest, it will be much more expensive than a people counter in Times Square. All pricing is calculated upfront, so you know what your device deployment will cost ahead of time, but you can also use our pricing calculator to help you figure this out at scale, on your own.

We look forward to serving your needs, when it comes to IoT deployment and maintenance. We guarantee our services will be much more convenient, efficient, and cheaper, than if you purchased the device and did the work yourself. Download the app via the iTunes store or Google play today.