DreamWorkers - Outsourcing Your Common Tasks To Other Peoples Dreams #APIDesignFiction

Through advancements in API definition and deployment technology, we now have the ability to pass basic ideas, concepts, and even tasks to people in their sleep. Here at DreamWorkers LLC, our core group of professionally trained dream workers have volunteered their sleep time, to get the work done that you need each day.

Using our cloud-based DreamWorker iPhone or Android app, you can define the parameters of the task, either one time or recurring, and your task will be assigned to a worker during their regular sleep shift. Via our patented DreamWorker Neural API, we've been able to pass small JSON objects to each work, and trained their brain to pass back any data, content, or other digital assets that are a result of the work.

Each morning when you show up for work, the task will be done. Think Amazon Mechanical Turk, but instead of being limited to the time, and workforce available, we have an infinite amount of dreamtime available, allowing us to scale the tasks you queue up, to be finished each evening--guaranteed.

We have an alternate program available as well, where you can sign up to accomplish your own work each evening, something that has allowed me to accomplish my regular API monitoring, and resulting weekly API.Report. As part of this program, DreamWorkers is free of charge, all we ask is that you let us allocate a portion of your nightly dreams to the regular queue of tasks that need accomplishing. You still get your work done, but we’ll have you doing the odd task here and there for our other clients.

Sign up today, we look forward to DreamWorkers being a regular part of your business activity—don’t just dream it, do it!